2015 - Notes from the Land

List of songs in programme order:

First Half

  • Yonder Come Day
  • Close To This Weather
  • Green Grows the Barley
  • Wangari (Crossing The Border)
  • The Slave's Lament (men only)
  • When The World Comes To An End
  • Mrs Whitmore (women only)
  • I Walked To The End Of The Road
  • The Road Less Travelled
  • In Green By Day


Second Half

  • Oats And Beans And Barley Grow
  • Lavender’s Blue Dilly Dilly
  • Sam The Carters’ Lad (men only)
  • Our Sky Bound Moors
  • Winter Song
  • Winter Solstice (women only)
  • I Heard A Bird Sing
  • Cuckoo in April
  • You Are The New Day (Crossing The Border)
  • Sumer Is I-Cumen In
  • Now Is The Month Of Maying (small group)
  • Spacious Firmament